The Becoming Process




“Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.” James Allen



I want $10 million, I want to be happy, I want a wonderful relationship, I want the body of the Jockey underpants man, I want…,I want…, I want….

James Allen so aptly wrote that just because we want something, does not mean that we get it. We have to become the kind of person who has developed, learnt, and acquired the skills, competencies, abilities and habits which are necessary to be worthy of the desired end result.

Therefore the choice to become successful or not lies squarely with each one of us. The “becoming process” is not easy but is always worthwhile. 

Our circumstance may differ and the level or degree of success may vary, but as we are proactively involved in pursuing “our vision” which is values aligned, the growth we experience will form a new platform from which to launch our dreams. Joel Barker said that the difference between a vision and a dream is action. I challenge you to make a difference and make that choice today to act and become the person that you were intended to be.

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