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The Second “D”

A Desire is an “intense emotional want” that drives one to action. It is not merely a want, but a want with intense passion and emotion attached to it. In fact, when my desire is not intense, “I quit”. I must play the game of life to determine whether I am going to win or lose, if I quit, I lose automatically.

Building a Desire

It starts by having a curiosity. Curiosity in something or somebody can remain just that, or I can cultivate my curiosity and take in interest therein. An interest implies that I gather further knowledge and information regarding the topic or subject I am curious about. The kind of knowledge I gain will either grow or diminish my beliefs.

My beliefs are truths to me. They are my reality, as Henry Ford said, “If you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are right”. Our beliefs either empower our desires and passions and put us into a positive state, or dis-empower us which results in being in a negative state. Our desires are directly influenced by our beliefs.

In a nutshell. Curiosity leads to an interest, which leads to greater knowledge, which influences our beliefs, which impacts our desire. When our desire is strong it leads us to act in faith. The difference between belief and faith is action driven by our desires. If you want to grow your desire for anything, you must feed it the knowledge required for your beliefs to grow emotionally until you act in faith. When I act in faith, I gain experiential knowledge which once again influences my beliefs.

Someone once said that if you do not want your son to become a train driver, then you must not take them to the train station….alternatively, if you do not want your son to be sailor, do not expose them to beautiful marinas and boats, lest you influence them by feeding them the knowledge which will ignite a belief and desire within them.

I encourage you to decide what you want and the to feed your mind with that knowledge which will cultivate and grow your emotions and desires positively in order to achieve the results you want.

4D’s – The First “D”

The First D –¬† The Decision. Nothing significant happens, unless we first make a decision. We choose whether we are going to be actively engaged¬† and proactive. The saying that “evil thrives when good men do nothing” rings true. Indecision puts a person into a state of limbo leading to inactivity, worry, feelings of self… Continue Reading